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BFF Busy Cube Average – Bag For Fun Singapore



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BFF Busy Cube Average – Bag For Fun Singapore


** Not suitable for children who put things in mouth as there are small parts attached to cube, unless there is parental supervision.**


Keep your little ones meaningfully occupied on-the-go with BFF busy cubes. Busy cubes are handmade from pinewood, painted with baby-safe non-toxic paint and coated with food grade beeswax.


Each wooden cube (5cmX5cmX5cm) has 6 different activities that can stimulate your child, train their focus, fine motor skills and equip them with daily lifeskills.


It is very light and small and suitable for tiny hands and fingers. The bright appearance will appeal to your child.


Convenient to bring along when you head out of the house! During the trip, your child will spend time fruitfully, developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.


Note: Cube has small parts attached to it. Parents are advised to not let child put parts of the cube in mouth as it may become a choking hazard.


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