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BFF Zoo Explorer Giant Floor Board Game – Bag For Fun Singapore



Product Highlights

This board game is giant enough for everyone in the family to join in! After you are done, fold it flat pack and keep it aside😉


Zoo-themed giant floor board game now comes in 3 different languages (English, Mandarin, Malay)

This GIANT floor board game will bring hours of screen-free family fun. Children will get to learn the names of animals while playing the classic snakes and ladders game with a big-sized soft dice.


What they can learn:
• Name 26 animals in English, Mandarin and Melayu.
• Learn counting and number sequence from 1 to 80.
• Learn addition.
• Learn to count and tell the number of dots on the big dice.
• Improve social skills. They will learn how to take turns, communicate their moves and know that it’s ok to lose!
• You can discuss with your child what the jobs of these occupations entail. You can even get them to act it out!


Game Mat Details:
• 2 Different sizes to fit your living room space. Choose between 240 X 165cm OR 220x150cm
• Non-Slip Canvas( we adults have tried doing long jumps on it)
• Edges cannot be blown up by wind
• Water-proof
• Tear-free


Optional add on:
26 Animal flash cards with animal picture on one side and name of animals in Eng, Mandarin and Melayu on the flip side. Pinyin Guide is also included for this add-on.


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