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Heorshe Ultra Wide Neck Baby Bottle



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What is included:

1 x Ultra Wide Neck Baby Bottle (5oz/150ml – S flow teat 0~3m) or (8oz/240ml – X flow teat 6m+)


Mimics Natural Feeding

160 days, 898 reverse breast molds, over 98 iterations, means this nipple were accepted by most babies.  Ultra-soft nipple closely resemble a real breast, your baby is sure to get lost in the feeding experience.

The unique air-control system allows the bottle to vent,  which helps to avoid gassiness

Hand Feeding Just Got Easier

The ergonomic contour grip design is easy for little hands to hold and accommodate babies ’feeding positions.

Dust-Proof Cap

Our engineers gave special consideration when creating the bottle cap, leaving a tiny space between the outside of the cap and the nipple gland to protect it from dust and other contaminants. Just remove the cap and set it aside when preparing to feed, it’s simple, easy, and safe.

Easy To Clean

The silicone bottle is designed with a  65mm ultra-wide neck, meaning you can easily clean it with your whole hand.



– Mimics Natural Feeding

– Ergonomic comfortable grip

– Designed to help reduces intake of gas, a potential cause of colic or spit up

– Cap allow to easy to remove

– Ideal for combining bottle feeding and breastfeeding

– Nipple is 100% silicone, soft, flexible and designed for optical compression

– Easy to assemble and clean

– 5oz/160ML, S-flow nipple (0-3m)

8oz/240ML, X-flow nipple (6m+)

– Max Heat-Resistant 180℃/356℉

– silicone material, BPA free

– UV / Steam /Microwave /Top rack dishwasher are safe. (recommended disinfection method is boiling water). The bottle material is made of medical silicone, like human skin. If we frequently sterilize them with UV, it will accelerate the aging of bottle, but it will not produce harmful substances.


How to take good care on Ultra Wide Neck Milk Bottle?

Use brushes to clean the bottle is ok. However, most of the brushes are not too hygienic and unable to be sterilized. A 65mm wide bottle is easy to just hand cleaning. Please remember not to use teat brush to clean the anti-colic vent and nipple, it may damage them. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or use solvents. Pay particular attention to bottlenecks and spirals. Over time, milk residual can trap in the anti-colic vent and nipple. The best thing to do is to make sure that the ends of the vents (back of the nipple) are clear and free from any blockage. When cleaning the nipple, you should turn over the nipple and wash it. If there are milk stains condensing on the pacifier, you can soak it in hot water for a while, and then brush it off after the milk stain becomes soft. To keep the teat hole on the nipple unobstructed, the nipple should be disinfected at least once a day. You can easily clean them with your fingers in warm water. Also, you can sterilize the nipple in boiling water for about 5 full minutes to clear out anything that may be clogged in the vent.



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