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For your teething baby HEORSHE Dental-Care Sipping Cup (1)

For your teething baby: HEORSHE Dental-Care Sipping Cup


Your baby is slowly growing up and will eventually progress from bottle-feeding to open cup drinking. It is also not recommended for your child to drink from milk bottles for a prolonged period since it may lead to potential teeth misalignment and tooth decay. Therefore, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), your child should transition out of bottle-feeding when they are about 18 months old.

But, before you get too excited and have your child drink from an open cup, it is easier to transition them from bottle-feeding to a sippy cup. While shopping for sippy cups for your baby, you may think: it’s just a cup, any one will do. But, that is far from the truth. As babies transition from bottle-feeding to sippy cups, they are typically also getting new teeth. As such, drinking from a hard spout may cause teeth misalignment or even pain for your baby. Drinking from straws may also cause your baby to choke. That is why Heorshe has designed a special Dental-Care Sippy Cup to make this transition easier for your precious baby.

About Heorshe

HE OR SHE was born from a desire to protect newborns from anything that might bring them harm. While you may think conventional bottles are just an innocent tool that feeds your baby, the reality is that conventional bottle-feeding presents a serious risk of making babies sick! Conventional bottles offer moist and warm environments which are prime breeding grounds for bacteria. What’s more, they are often difficult to sanitise since the openings are usually small and enclosed. It won’t be good for your baby’s environment to be filled with this bacteria, or worse, for your baby to ingest them. Hence, HE OR SHE has developed a physical antibacterial polymer technology to prevent the spread of such bacteria. This high-quality antibacterial material is used throughout Heorshe’s products, including their Dental-Care Sippy Cup!

Antibacterial properties

For your teething baby HEORSHE Dental-Care Sipping Cup (2)

Heorshe Dental-Care Sippy Cup is designed with a spout made with antibacterial silicone material. Its hygienic and medical grade material resists the spread of bacteria by preventing the adhesion and reproduction of bacteria on the spout. The bottle itself is also made with antibacterial polymer technology that reduces the adhesion of germs.

For your teething baby

While babies are sprouting their new teeth, drinking from a sippy cup may be quite painful for them. That is why Heorshe has considered tooth order closely when developing their Dental-Care Sippy Cup.

1. Dental care design spout

For your teething baby HEORSHE Dental-Care Sipping Cup (3)

Its uniquely designed spout has little wings on both sides to allow more optimal compression while helping to evenly distribute the applied force on your baby’s teeth. This novel approach helps to reduce the pressure on each tooth and the jaw so your baby’s teeth can grow in a healthy way. It also helps to reduce teeth misalignment and allows your baby’s teeth to grow more naturally.

For your teething baby HEORSHE Dental-Care Sipping Cup (4)

The spout is also made of 100% silicone that is soft and flexible, ideal for your teething baby,

2. Two stages of spout design

For your teething baby HEORSHE Dental-Care Sipping Cup (5)

Baby’s teeth do not remain stagnant! As they continue to develop and grow, it is essential for the spouts to match the growth of your baby’s teeth. Heorshe’s sippy cups have two stages of spout design that correspond to a baby’s teeth development.

For your teething baby HEORSHE Dental-Care Sipping Cup (6)

Stage 1 spout is short and squat, allowing your baby to feel more comfortable when sipping on it. It is ideal for first-time babies who need to practice and learn how to sip water from a cup.

Stage 2 spout has a longer teat, closer to straw type, which allows for different suckling patterns. This will be more suitable for experienced toddlers who have a more mature suckling pattern.

Ease of use

1. Anti-Colic design

For your teething baby HEORSHE Dental-Care Sipping Cup (8)

Did you know that ingesting air is a potential cause of colic, the prolonged crying of a healthy infant? Heorshe Dental-Care Sippy Cup prevents this! The bottle features dual-vent anti-colic valves that help to reduce the intake of air when sipping. It only lets liquid out when your baby is sucking, hence preventing the ingestion of air.

2. Gravity straw and connector

For your teething baby HEORSHE Dental-Care Sipping Cup (9)

You know how babies and toddlers like to drink from their sippy cups even when they are lying down or in some weird position. Usually, this may lead to them choking on their water, but with the gravity straw, Heorshe’s sippy cup allows your baby or toddler to drink in any comfortable position without running the risk of choking.

3. Grip design and cap

The bottle’s grip is designed to encourage your child to hold their sippy cups and drink independently. Used to being fed from a bottle, this grip design will help transition your kid from bottle-feeding to drinking from open cups in the future. It also promotes hand-eye coordination since your child would have to see and direct the spout to their mouth.

The cap of the sippy cup is designed to ensure that no dust or contaminants get inside the bottle. It also helps prevent spillage and leaks!

For your teething baby HEORSHE Dental-Care Sipping Cup (11)

Sippy cups, also known as transitional cups, are powerful tools to help your precious child bridge the gap between bottle-feeding and open cup drinking. As a parent themselves, HE OR SHE is concerned with potential dental issues, such as teeth alignment and tooth decay, from the prolonged use of milk bottles. That is why they have designed their Dental-Care Sippy Cup to help ease the transition from milk bottles to cups. “Can I put the bottle in the microwave? How about the dishwasher?” With Heorshe Dental-Care Sippy Cup, you don’t even have to worry about that — they are both microwave and top-rack dishwasher safe!

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