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How to create a magical childhood together with Baby

How to create a magical childhood together with Baby

This guide is for anybody who wants to create magical moments together with their children. Don’t let the pandemic take away your joy, you need to give your children a magical time wherever and whenever possible during early childhood. Life is hectic but with a little help, you can enjoy precious times that will become etched in your children’s memories forever. Here’s how!

1. Cut Loose

Routine and tidiness keep things fuss-free, but sometimes you have to cut loose and see what happens. There is no mess that can’t be cleaned up, so don’t be afraid to let the good times roll. Try experimenting with paint or getting your fingers dirty so your baby can feel the joy of art. While you’re at it, it wouldn’t hurt to get a Pretend Play Chef Set  so your baby can try out pretend cooking! Need to make some breakfast while picnicking? On top of the real food, check out the Happy Breakfast Set  which promises endless hours of fun.

2. Slow down and listen more

This is difficult, but just because your baby is young, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to him or her. Although your work is important, do make some time each day to stop ticking things off your list and make some space to listen to your children. Ask them about what they are doing and why. Go deeper so you can understand your child better. Survival is important, but so is getting to the heart of life.

3. Create traditions

With the seasons as your guide, you can create some gorgeous traditions for your family. How about a winter hot chocolate tradition during Christmas or a marshmallow roasting party in the middle of the year? By talking about tradition with your kids, you’re imparting values to them too. How about stirring up the mundane? You can pass down age-old memories of sleeping with Winnie the Pooh by getting a cartoon sleeping set, or clinging on to their beansprout husk pillow while mummy and daddy goes to work.

4. Let your kids plan the day

Sometimes there is nothing better than throwing all the parent-approved stuff out the window and letting your kids do what they want. Talk to them and ask them what they want to do around your neighbourhood, and then go do them together. They’ll definitely appreciate you for making their ideas a reality! If you haven’t done so already, the best way to create a time capsule full of memories is to get a Home Documentary Photoshoot done. If you’re still carrying your baby in your tummy, then opt for a Maternity Photoshoot to pay homage to your pregnancy days.

5. Travel and do something out of your usual routine

Make some time to mix it up! Shop in a different market, try new types of food, delight your child by taking something familiar and turning it around. Get down at ground level and really see and discover the world with your child. Thinking bottoms up gives you fresh opportunities to get to know your child and find out how they view the world in fresh and new ways.

If you have any more ideas on how to create a magical childhood, do give a shoutout to our Editors!

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